Ben Chutz, Firestarter

Ben Chutz approaches projects with an energetic and creative mind. His success in organizational and marketing strategy, systems and foundational implementation, and program development led him to his current position as an Organization Strategist at ScaleFire Group.

Upon earning his BA in Sociology from Michigan State University, Ben served in a number of creative and strategic roles in both the private and non-profit sectors, leading eCommerce projects, community development programs, and Internet startups. He is passionate about using technology to augment and improve personal and professional life, and is committed to striking healthy balances between the online and offline worlds (a perpetual feat!).

Ben's fascinations run far and wide. He is an avid photographer, musician, and cyclist, interested in self-quantification and personal development, and particularly keen on conversations surrounding the concept of idiosyncratic routines. He lives in the Detroit Metropolitan area with his partner Danielle and her daughter Brodie.

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