Christa Chambers-Price, Firestarter

Christa Chambers-Price is a former Army National Guard veteran. As part of the military intelligence division, she managed critical data during peacetime missions. She later was tapped to join the FBI as a fingerprint analyst. Christa later graduated from The University of Michigan. Her work continued from a technical aspect for organizations from EDS and General Motors to startup software development companies.

In 1998, her work led to more creative projects and Christa has been weaving compelling, inspirational visual stories into everything she touches.  Christa has worked on many projects at The University of Michigan and was awarded the Silver Award by the Michigan Museum Association for her design campaigns. SIEMENS and Michigan's Medical Center Information Technology department has also recognized her work. Christa has visually told the 'story' for professionals from Harvard, Simmons, Dartmouth, Michigan, New York University to those in Paris, France and Dublin, Ireland. Her work has also garnered the attention of local, regional and state media as well as international publications such as CNN/FORTUNE magazine.

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