David Landau, Managing Director

Empowering people to become their best is very important to David Landau. As an entrepreneur, artist and consultant, he drives to execute and use an integrated systems approach in both his professional and personal life. Creativity - and helping others become creative / implement design thinking - is a deep love.

He loves helping fellow entrepreneurs and nonprofits succeed. He helps people and organizations discover their strengths and create sustainable, fun models both for professional success and personal goal setting.

Working with people who are authentic, genuine and full of integrity is non-negotiable to him.

Stanford is in his blood: He loves it, breathes it, and completely sync with the GSB's philosophy and vision. Attending a summer institute was very fulling and inspiring. Highly recommended!

Growing and refining Benzinga to an industry-leading firm wouldn't have been possible without a fantastic leadership team and dedicated following of 100,000+ daily visitors. I'm grateful to have been part of this cutting-edge, Michigan-based startup.

Specialties: Zealous dedication to efficiency. Team leadership and empowering others to become leaders in their own right. Marketing, mentoring, and interpersonal mediation. Design and entrepreneurship. Strategic alliances, sales and sales training. Helping people find their vision and intrinsic motivators.

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