If you have challenging needs focused on scaling, developing your processes or marketing your product, we have the expertise to address them. See how we can help your business reach its peak potential.

Your systems

Process mapping and organization design

Confusion and repeated tasks can suck the efficiency and morale out of your organization. ScaleFire can help you optimize your company by mapping your business processes and structuring your organization around effective, scalable operations.

Business systems implementation

Delivering your product to the customer isn’t all it takes to run your business; the supporting processes can be just as important. ScaleFire can implement business systems to integrate these processes seamlessly into your organization so they are never a roadblock to delivering your best product. From CRM to energy auditing tools we build and implement systems so that you can scale your company and focus on your core competencies.

Operations support

ScaleFire can reduce employee learning curves and limit human error by analyzing your team’s internal operations and providing manuals, scripts and change management guidance. Our team has a proven track record of operationalizing teams to make them more effective and more enjoyable.

Your strategy

Market analysis

The market landscape today is constantly shifting and even seasoned marketing professionals often need a fresh perspective on how their product fits in the world. No matter what the engagement, the ScaleFire team is continuously thinking about how our clients are approaching their customer base. Our search for new ways to showcase your brand goes hand in hand with our passion for innovation and building companies.

Go to market strategy

You have a great new product, or perhaps you’ve determined a new market opportunity you’d like to pursue, now what? ScaleFire can partner with your business to develop a cohesive and integrated go to market strategy which not only considers market factors, but also takes into account the strengths of your team; then we build on these strengths to allow for long term success.

Business development

The ScaleFire team eats, sleeps and breathes business development. It’s integrated into everything we do because we know that establishing the right partnerships and finding ways to distribute products at scale is the most effective way to grow. ScaleFire can help you find distributors or build cross-promotional partnerships and more.

Business strategy

Your company is growing. You’ve built an amazing product by assembling an amazing team, and now you are looking at the next step. What new market can you address, what new need can you solve? ScaleFire is a group of innovators always on the lookout for ways that products, skillsets and organizations can address a market need. We’ll work with you to strategize next steps in your business.

Product development

It’s important to get a product right before taking it to market. At ScaleFire, we test new products in-house because we love to find better ways to do things. Work with our team of natural early adopters to test your next big thing and iron out any issues before it’s too late.

Your customers


When people think of your brand, what comes to mind? Is your brand smashable? What do they associate it with? Your brand is informed not only by how you deliberately present your company externally, but how everyone associated with it perceives and represents it. It is also one of the single most important things in business to get right. The ScaleFire team has deep expertise in developing and presenting brand identities to fit a company’s industry and culture.


Having the best product in the world doesn’t matter much if your sales team isn’t effectively presenting it. You might have heard the phrase, “You’re in sales!” or quotes like “Always be closing” -- sales processes really are that important. How effectively your company can generate leads, manage them, and close will ultimately determine revenue and your bottom line. We can help train sales teams, implement sales processes, write call scripts, and more.

Customer interfacing

Today’s customers expect more than just “customer service”. The savvy consumer sees brands as living breathing entities with souls. Too much to ask? ScaleFire doesn’t think so, and we can show you how to connect at a deep level with your customer, increasing your retention and reducing your customer acquisition costs.


If a potential customer realizes they have a need for your product, but doesn’t know your product exists, you need a surefire way to get in front of them. There is a range of ways to ensure customers will find your company. From traditional advertising or pay per click to search engine optimization and viral campaigns, let us develop a comprehensive strategy to make your product painless to find, no matter what your market.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, to name a few. Are you using them effectively to help your business acquire and retain customers? Should you be? Having a social media strategy is just as important as being on social media. ScaleFire’s team was born and bred on these networks and we can develop a plan to bring your business to life on the social web.

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